IL - Plan, deploy and manage Microsoft Teams
Instructor-Led Training
1 Days
Onsite or Virtual
Course Overview

This training provides an overview of Microsoft Teams. You will learn where Microsoft Teams fit in your organization with Skype for Business. Key features of Microsoft Teams such as user and tenant configuration will be covered. Students will also learn the basic architecture of Microsoft Teams as well as Planning and deploying Microsoft Teams, its clients types and finally they will learn about the new admin tools for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin center. This class will prepare system engineers and administrators for more advanced work in planning, deploying, managing, administering and configuring Microsoft Teams.

  • Understanding of the key capabilities of Microsoft Teams
  • Understanding of Architecture of Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how to work with Microsoft Teams with different client types and how to deploy the clients
  • Understanding the planning, deploying and administering of Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how to configure Microsoft Teams for Tenant and user configuration

´╗┐MODULE 1: Overview of Microsoft Teams

In this module will provide an overview of Microsoft Teams. This module will start with the architecture of Microsoft Teams.

MODULE 2: Planning for Microsoft Teams

This module is all about planning for Microsoft Teams. It discusses how users will authenticate to use Teams to best practices for deploying teams in your organization.

- Getting Started with Teams
- Deploying Teams
- Teams and Channels
- Authentication and Access

MODULE 3: Configuring Microsoft Teams

This module explains how to set up and configure Microsoft Teams. It discusses the use of tabs, bots and connectors in Teams. It introduces concepts related to managing meetings in Teams.

- Set up Microsoft Teams in Office 365
- Apps in Microsoft Teams
- Meetings in Teams

MODULE 4: Manage the Teams Environments

This module is focused on managing Microsoft Teams. Specifically, we discuss security and compliance as well as privacy and data governance. While this course does not cover voice calling explicitly this module discusses quality of service-related topics.

- Privacy and Governance
- Security and Compliance
- Management and Reporting


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