Introduction to Automating App Service with the Azure CLI
0 h 50 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will learn the fundamentals of automating Azure Web Apps using the Azure CLI tools. With the tools, you will provision an Azure Web App and App Service Plan. Then, you will configure a "Staging" Deployment Slot and deploy source code to it from a Github repository. Finally, you will perform a deployment slot swap to push the code deployment from Staging into Production.

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AZ - 400 - Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions
Automating Azure Infrastructure with the Azure CLI
  • Get started using the Azure Cloud Shell
  • Get started with Azure Automation using the Azure CLI
  • Automate Azure Web App management using Azure CLI
  • Basic knowledge of command-line tools
  • Basic understanding of Azure Web Apps, and other Azure PaaS services
In this exercise, you will login to the Azure Portal using the credentials provided by the Real Time Lab environment.
In this exercise, you will use the Azure Portal to start the Azure Cloud Shell.
In this exercise, you will provision an Azure Web App, App Service Plan, and Resource Group.
In this exercise, you will configure the pricing tier for your Azure App Service plan and learn how to create and use deployment slots.
In this exercise, you will delete the Azure Web App and associated resources that were created previously in this lab.
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