Introduction to Azure Automation
2 h 45 m
Lab Overview
In this this lab you will learn how to setup and configure Azure Automation to execute runbooks for common task automation. This will will teach you how to create an Azure Automation Account, configure runbook assets, setup source control, and teach you how to create and trigger runbooks via webooks for automating tasks against one or more Azure Virtual Machines.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 400 - Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions
Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ 303 and AZ 304)
  • Create an Azure Automation Account
  • Create Azure Automation Configuration Assets
  • Author and Execute Azure Automation Runbook
  • PowerShell Experience
In this exercise, you will deploy the environment needed for this lab.

Through Azure Automation you gain the ability to execute Runbook automations, DSC configurations/deployments and the ability to create webhook, schedules, assets and integration with Source control. In this exercise, you will configure an Azure Automation account as well as an OMS Workspace.  Then you import a script from the PowerShell Runbook and run the script.

In this exercise, you will configure a variable asset to execute against a VM that you will create using Azure PowerShell ISE. You will then create a graphical runbook configuring the parameters to execute the shutdown of the newly created VM. The purpose of this Exercise is to detail the steps for higher automation of larger environments where the machines need to be systematically shutdown.

In this exercise, you will configure Source Control for your Azure Automation Account. The purpose of this exercise is to help familiarize you with continuous integration, DevOps direction and history tracking and centralization of your development assets.

In this exercise, you will create and configure a Webhook and trigger an action on an Azure Virtual Machine. The purpose of this Exercise is to use a Webhook for an automated action against an Azure Virtual Machine.

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