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Introduction to Azure Container Instances
0 h 50 m
Lab Overview
Azure Container Instances enables deployment of Docker containers onto Azure infrastructure without provisioning any virtual machines or adopting any higher-level service. In this tutorial, you build a small web application in Node.js and package it in a container that can be run using Azure Container Instances.
  • Create a container image from application source
  • Test container image using Docker
  • Deploy an Azure Container Registry
  • Upload an image to an Azure Container Registry
  • Deploy an image from an Azure Container Registry
  • Some experience with the Azure Portal
  • Basic knowledge of Docker
´╗┐In this exercise, you will launch the Real-Time Lab environment in which your lab is hosted. 
In this exercise you will create a container image from application source and test the image in a local Docker environment. 
The Azure Container Registry is an Azure-based, private registry for Docker container images. This exercise walks you through deploying an Azure Container Registry instance, and pushing a container image to it.
In the previous exercises, a container image was created and pushed to your Azure Container Registry. In this final exercise you will deploy the container to Azure Container Instances.
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