Introduction to Nested ARM Templates
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Lab Overview
In this lab, you learn how to author an Azure Resource Manager template that uses nested templates and dependencies to create an orchestrated deployment. In this example, you will deploy a Virtual Network, and then a virtual machine running Windows Server Active Directory which includes a DNS server. After the DNS service is deployed, you will update the virtual network to refer to its IP address for DNS connectivity. From there, you will deploy a client that is domain joined to validate that DNS has been updated in the correct order.

Related Learning Path(s):
Automating Azure with Resource Manager Templates
  • Create multiple templates with their own resources templates and variables
  • Pass parameters from one template to another
  • Create dependencies between templates
  • Deploy the master template to a resource group using Visual Studio 2017
  • An understanding of Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Scale Sets
In this exercise, you create a Virtual Machine in Azure that will be used to complete the exercises in this lab guide.

In this exercise, you will fork an existing GitHub repository into your own GitHub account and explore the starting files for the project.

In this exercise, you will create a master ARM template that orchestrates the deployment of several templates to provision and update resources. 

In this exercise, you will use the Azure CLI 2.0 command line tools to deploy your nested template and validate it in the Azure Management portal.
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