Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS
Arturo Hamilton
4 h 6 m
Lecture Overview
Students will learn the basics of using HTML and CSS elements to create a functional proposal of a solution. Attendees will be capable of providing a solution combining HTML with powered up interfaces generated using CSS.

Related Learning Path(s):
Web Developer
  • Explain how to use HTML elements and attributes to lay out a web page.
  • Explain how to use CSS to apply basic styling to a web page.
  • Explain how to use CSS to style the layout, text, and background of a web page.
  • Create input forms by using HTML5.
  • Use the new features of CSS3 to style text elements.
  • Enhance pages by using CSS3 graphical effects.
  • Basic understanding of HTML syntax
  • Basic understanding of CSS structure
Lecture Modules
Module 1: Students will receive an overview of HTML and CSS as well as viewing a demo covering how to create a web application by using Visual Studio 2017.
Module 2: In this module students will learn how to create and style an HTML5 page as well as style with CSS. 

Module 3: Students will receive an Overview of JavaScript including an introduction to the Document Object Model.

Module 4: Students will learn how to create HTML5 forms, validate user input by using HTML5 attributes, and validate user input by using JavaScript.

Module 5: Students will learn how to style text by using CSS3, including styling block elements, using pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements, enhancing graphical effects by using CSS3, and how to style the About page.

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