Introduction to Programming with .NET Framework and .NET Core
Arturo Hamilton
5 h 59 m
Lecture Overview
Students will learn how to use the .NET technologies and concepts to present a full functional basic solution using all the offering from .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Related Learning Path(s):
Introduction to .NET Development
  • Understanding of development concepts
  • Basic knowledge and familiarity of .Net platforms
  • Basic coding experience
Lecture Modules
Students will learn about objects, values and references, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces and namespaces and class libraries.

Students will learn the fundamentals and versions of CLR, managed execution process, and automatic memory management.

Students will learn about different data types in the .NET framework.  Additional topics covered are arrays and collections as well as generics.

Students will learn about events and event handling, structured exception handling, and basic application settings.

Topics for this module include, understanding code compliation, .NET compilation model, common language infrastructure (CLI), language interoperability, assembly, and shared assembly.

Students will learn about console input / output, how to manipulate disk files and directories, and basic XML.

Students will learn about the following security topics:  Authentication, authorization, cryptography, encryption and decryption, secret-key encryption, public-key encryption, code access security, permissions and access control.

Students will learn memory management fundamentals, memory allocations and memory release, resource management and clean up processes, and garbage collection.

Topics covered in this course include .NET Core 2.x fundamentals, installing and configuring your platform, fundamentals of .NET Core apps, and .NET core editors.

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