Introduction to R with ggplot
Shep Sheppard
1 h 59 m
Lecture Overview
This course covers introduction to the R Language. We start off with an introduction to R verisons and R Editions then move to R the language. From there will dive into one of R’s strongest features, Graphics. Using base R graphics and GGPlot you will learn how to get started, and learn how to create your own visualizations.

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Introduction to Data Science on Azure
  • The course will give you a rapid introduction to R the language and get you started with a few tips and tricks so you can start using it every day for analysis and visualizatons. Base R graphics, the tidyversre package GGPlot. From this course you will gain enough to use R everyday.
  • Access to a computer that has R and R Studio installed, (Jupyter Notebook with R Optional)
  • Basic knowledge of any language or programming concepts
Lecture Modules
In this module you will learn about R, R Studio, Revolution R, and R the language.  
In this module you will learn about visualization rules, the anatomy of a base R visualization command, common R visualizations, the anatomy of a GGPlot command, and common GGplot visualizations.  
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