Introduction to Terraform
Shantanu Das
2 h 56 m
Lecture Overview
This course is an introduction to Terraform concepts and configurations and demonstrates launching, changing and destroying resources on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The course starts with an understanding of what Terraform is and why it’s an important tool for deploying reliable, repeatable cloud architectures and how to think about infrastructure as code. We will highlight the major concepts of terraform, the structure components of a Terraform configuration file and basic Terraform usage from the command-line. We will finish by walking through and example configuration and launching, changing and destroying resources on Microsoft Azure.

Related Learning Path(s):
Introduction to Configuration Management
  • Gain a solid understanding of Terraform and why it’s an important tool in modern cloud-computing environments.
  • Learn what Terraform is, it’s major components and configurations and using Terraform to launch, change and destroy cloud resources.
  • Basic understanding of cloud-computing concepts
  • Basic understand of Linux-style command line interfaces
  • Basic understanding of configuring software tools using text files
Lecture Modules

This course introduces you to Terraform and why it’s important to treat infrastructure as code.  Information covered in this course includes high-level concepts of Terraform, using Terraform in relation to other tools, Terraform use-cases, the problems Terraform can solve, and Infrastructure as code.  The course concludes with an overview of high-level Terraform, configurations, execution plans, resources graphs, change automation, and Terraform state.

In this course you will learn about Terraform configuration options at a high-level and how they work together to deploy resources. Topics included in this course are basic structure and format of configuration files, variables, outputs, built-in functions, overrides, resources, modules, data sources, provisioners, and backends.

In this course you will learn about commonly used Terraform commands when starting out including init, apply, destroy, and output.

This course demonstrates using Terraform to launch similar resources on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  The course includes an overview of the demo configuration files and validating the resources.
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