Introduction To Types
Brian Gorman
1 h 7 m
Lecture Overview
In this lab demo, you'll learn about different types in C#.Net. You'll then learn about working with variables to store values for the various types. The demo covers number types, strings, and booleans, and concludes with looks into some of the critical string operations you'll need in your day-to-day development work.

Related Learning Path(s):
Programming Fundamentals with C#
  • By the end of the course, students will be familiar with using types and variables in C#
  • Basic computer and problem-solving skills
  • C# .Net Core Hello World Lab
Lecture Modules
In this video, you will meet author Brian Gorman as he gives an overview of what will be covered in this series of demo videos.
In this demo you will read about the different types that you will encounter in C#.Net. Additionally, you'll take a fairly deep dive into the reason behind types and why certain numbers have limited minimum and maximum values. You'll also get some information about how variables store values.
In this demo, you will work with a basic console application to learn about using types and variables. The code you build in this lab is for learning purposes so feel free to experiment even more than what is covered in this lab to become more familiar with types and variables.
In this demo, you will learn about the string type. Strings are a critical part of day-to-day work for a devloper. Strings allow us to transmit information, store the state of objects, communicate data structures, take and respond to commands from users, and more.
In this demo, you will learn about the boolean ( **bool** ) type. Booleans leverage boolean logic to store truth values. Some operations will be extremely simple. Does the variable equal 10? Does the condition exist? Some operations will be more complex. Does condition one exist and either of condition two or condition three exists? By the end of this exercise you'll know how to store those results in variables.
In this final demo, you'll get a chance to put it all together and learn just a couple more pieces of information about the string type and working with booleans.
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