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Introduction to Virtual Network Connectivity
3 h 30 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will create 3 virtual networks in two different regions. You will configure site-to-site connectivity between the regions using a VPN Gateway. You will next configure a client machine (the lab virtual machine) to connect to one of the virtual networks using point-to-site connectivity. Finally, you will configure virtual network to virtual network connectivity using virtual network peering. This will also allow traffic from the 3rd virtual network to transit over the VPN gateway. 

  • Understand how to connect virtual networks across Azure regions using site-to-site VPN
  • Configure point-to-site connectivity for individual client machines to access resources in a virtual network securely
  • Configure virtual network peering between two virtual networks in the same region and allow traffic to transit over the gateway
In this exercise, you will create a Virtual Machine in Azure that will be used to complete the exercises in this lab.
In this exercise, you will create a virtual machine and a virtual network in a region. This virtual network and virtual machine will be used as the source to connect to a virtual machine and virtual network in a remote region.
In this exercise, you will create a new virtual network in a second region and establish connectivity between the regions using a site-to-site virtual private network (VPN). 
In this exercise, you will configure your lab virtual machine to connect to a virtual network using a point-to-site connection. This scenario is ideal for requirements that require an individual computer to connect securely over the Internet to resources running in an Azure Virtual Network.
In this exercise, you will create a new virtual network in the same region as the second virtual network and configure direct peering for connectivity. 
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