Introduction to Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration
David Moravec
6 h 17 m
Lecture Overview
This course explores basics of a feature introduced in PowerShell v4 – Desired State Configuration (DSC). DSC is a PowerShell way for describing and enforcing unified configuration of your infrastructure based on easy-to-use language elements. In the course we’ll start with DSC architecture and will move to basic configuration toolkit. After we’ll understand the basics, we’ll see how to use different components of DSC to ensure correct configuration of our infrastructure. At the end of the course we’ll see how to troubleshoot the most common DSC issues. This course will be useful for IT Pro and architects who are responsible for infrastructure management. Developer and test engineers can use DSC for quick preparation of the environment used in their day-to-day work.

Related Learning Path(s):
PowerShell for IT Professionals
  • As DevOps is going bigger and bigger, it’s necessary to apply infrastructure changes as quick as possible. With DSC you will ensure that components of specific computers are set the way you want. This course will help you to understand basics of relatively new Microsoft technology – DSC. You’ll find how to set it and will be able to use it in your production environment.
  • General Windows knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Windows PowerShell
  • Windows PowerShell 4.0 installed at least at one computer
  • One computer used as a client.
  • For Module 4 you’ll need two computers (client + server) for Pull mode testing.
Lecture Modules
This module provides an introduction to Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC). You’ll learn basic terms and will understand how DSC works and how you can set up it.
This module shows you the basic blocks of DSC - resources. Using resources you can set the standard behavior of your infrastructure. We’ll see built-in resources and find out how to find resources built by others.
In this module you will see how to actually configure DSC in the easiest possible example. Based on this example you’ll see DSC in action and will put all the knowledge from previous modules together.
This module is focused on advanced configuration of DSC. We’ll touch pull mode where you have central server with configuration and all clients are checking this configuration automatically. For closing we’ll answer some of the most common DSC questions.
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