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Lab: IoT Messaging with Azure Stream Analytics and Azure IoT Hub

In this lab, you will setup and configure messaging for implementing the Lambda Architecture within Microsoft Azure utilizing Azure Stream Analytics and Azure IoT Hub services. IoT events will also be sent to Azure IoT Hub using a Simulated IoT Device written as a C# console application.

  • Estimated time required to complete: 1 hours, 25 minutes
  • You will have access to this environment for 2 hours, 20 minutes
  • Learning Credits Required: 5


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Azure
  • Familiarity with Visual Studio


Exercise 1: Deploying the Lab Environment
In this exercise, you will start the Real Time Lab Environment for the lab. This lab will provision a virtual machine with the software necessary to complete the hands-on lab. You will also have access to a Microsoft Azure subscription to complete the tasks. Do not create more resources in Azure then the lab requires or your lab may be terminated.
Exercise 2: Provision Azure IoT Hub and Azure Stream Analytics
In this exercise, you will provision an instance of both Azure IoT Hub and an Azure Stream Analytics job to be used for this lab. The Azure IoT Hub will be the Message Broker that the simulated IoT device will send events/messages to, and the Stream Analytics job will provide stream processing for a Lambda Architecture.
Exercise 3: Provision Data Storage Services
In this exercise, you will provision an Azure Cosmos DB instance to store data for the Batch tier of the Lambda Architecture, and an Azure Service Bus Queue to receive events for the Streaming tier of the Lambda Architecture.
Exercise 4: Setup Event Processing
In this exercise, you will configure the Azure Stream Analytics job to process the stream of events from IoT Hub and output to Cosmos DB and the Service Bus Queue to implement the Lambda Architecture messaging pipeline.
Exercise 5: Setup Simulated IoT Device

In this exercise, you will setup a Simulated Internet of Things (IoT) device to send event telemetry to Azure IoT Hub.

Exercise 6: Check Message Stream Flow

In this exercise, you will check that the messages from the Simulated IoT Device are getting sent through IoT Hub and then ending up within both the Cosmos DB Collection and Service Bus Queue according to the Lambda Architecture that was configured within the lab.

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