Manage Identity and Access
Peter De Tender
1 h 42 m
Lecture Overview
This course is the first in a series around Azure Security, reflecting on the Microsoft exam objectives as a starting point, but also covering broader topics than wat is required for the exam.This course has a core focus on managing Azure Identity and Access control, relying on Azure Active Directory as the main vehicle for these. In the first module, where we start with an introduction to Azure Active Directory, we dive into the topic of AD Connect synchronization, discuss several authentication architectures available today for hybrid identity, and zoom in on several of Azure AD’s built-in security features. The 2nd module covers Azure AD Privileged Identity Management, a separate service in Microsoft Azure, allowing you to define and control admin-level privileges. The 3rd and last module in this course touches on how to migrate Azure resources across different subscriptions and what impact this might have, ending with describing and walking you through Azure API Management capabilities.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
  • Introduction to Azure Active Directory.
  • Synchronizing Azure AD using Azure AD Connect.
  • Azure AD authentication architectures (Password sync, Federation, Passthrough).
  • Enabling, configuring, and managing Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Enabling and configuring Azure AD Conditional Access.
  • Deploying and Configuring Azure AD Privileged Identity Management.
  • Impact of transferring Azure subscriptions between tenants.
  • Deploying and configuring Azure API Management.
Lecture Modules
In this module you will learn about Azure Active Directory. Primarily how to enable and configure it in a hybrid identity model. You learn about Azure AD Connect sync, followed by the different authentication architectures available for establishing hybrid identity. Next, we go over several Azure AD security features like MFA and Conditional Access. All of this mixed from presentations over demos.
In this module you will learn about deploying an integrating Azure AD Privileged Identity Management. The process on how to monitor privileged access, how to configure access reviews and how to activate Privileged Identity Management are the core subjects. The presenter uses a good mix of presentations, sharing his own experiences and doing live demos you can easily repeat in your own environment.
In this module you will learn about the relation between Azure AD Tenant and Azure subscriptions, and more specific about the impact, but also how to achieve the migration of subscriptions across different tenants. 
In the 2nd part of this module, we cover Azure API Management, from deployment, configuration to monitoring and troubleshooting
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