Manage Security Operations
Peter De Tender
1 h 19 m
Lecture Overview
This course is the 3rd in a series around Azure Security, reflecting on the Microsoft exam objectives as a starting point, but also covering broader topics than wat is required for the exam.This course has a core focus on managing security operations, mainly describing what different Azure monitoring and operations tools are available, and how they can help in managing your Azure environment from a security operations perspective. You will learn about Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics and Azure Security Center. Next, you will also learn about Azure alert management and Azure Security Center alerts specifically.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
  • Configuring Azure Security Services.
  • Deploying and managing Azure Monitor.
  • Deploying and managing Azure Log Analytics.
  • Configuring Azure diagnostic logging and log retention.
  • Creating and customizing Azure alerts.
  • Reviewing and responding to Azure alerts.
  • Azure Security Center security alerts reporting and management.
Lecture Modules

In this module you will learn about Azure security operations, mainly focusing on different Azure monitoring and logging capabilities. The 2 core services you will learn about in this module are Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics. While each of these tools have a lot more capabilities, we mainly position the security aspects of each, spiced up with several demos and experiences from the field.

In this module you will learn about configuring and managing Azure diagnostics logging, an how to store these in Azure Storage Accounts for retrieval, but also for long-term retention. Next, we cover Azure Security Center’s security alerts, and how to manage and troubleshoot on these.
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