Managing Azure Web Apps
Chris Pietschmann
2 h 10 m
Lecture Overview
This course covers managing Azure Web Apps. The topics discussed cover a broad overview of Azure App Service and Azure Web Apps as well as more in-depth discussion into many of the various features of Azure Web Apps, PowerShell and the Azure CLI. The features covered in this course include: Continuous Deployment, Kudu, Diagnostics Monitoring, Application Insights, Hybrid Networking, Deployment Slots, Testing, Scaling, Traffic Manager, and Azure CDN. This course should help in preparation for the AZ-101 Microsoft Azure Integration and Security and AZ-200 Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions certification exams.

Related Learning Path(s):
  • Understand the advantages of PaaS services compared to IaaS, and the range of PaaS services available in Azure
  • Understand how to deploy and manage Azure App Service and App Service Plans
  • Understand how to deploy and manage Azure SQL Database
Lecture Modules
In this overview module, we’ll first discuss an overview of Azure App Service followed by discussion to some of the basics of Azure Web Apps. The purpose of this module is to provide a basic understanding of Managing Azure Web Apps that will be expanded on in later modules.
In this module, we’ll dig deeper into managing a few of the features of Azure Web Apps. We’ll start by discussing framework and platform settings along with managing the general configuration of Azure Web Apps within Application Settings. We’ll next discuss setting up Custom Domains and SSL on Azure Web Apps. Finally, we’ll wrap up the module by going over managing background processing within the context of an Azure Web App using Web Jobs.
In this module, we’ll dig deeper into managing Azure Web App deployment. First, we’ll discuss Deployment Slots which offer the ability to manage multiple hosting environments within the same Web App. We’ll then discuss how to setup and manage Continuous Deployment with Azure Web Apps.
In this module, we’ll discuss the Azure Web App features around the Kudu Portal, what it offers, and the App Service Editor.
In this module, we’ll focus on topics surrounding Monitoring, Logging, and Troubleshooting. We’ll discuss further details around both Monitoring and Logging Azure Web Apps as well as setting up Alerts, Remote Debugging apps running in Azure, and more advanced logging with Azure Application Insights.
In this module, we’ll discuss features surrounding Application Backup, “Cloning”, and migrating apps to Azure App Service.
In this module, we’ll discuss the Networking features available in Azure App Service Web Apps. There are 3 main options to choose from: Hybrid Connections, VNet Integration, and App Service Environment.
In this module, we’ll discuss the options available for scaling Azure Web Apps. We’ll discuss topics around scaling both Up and Out, in addition to scaling globally using Azure Traffic Manager for load balancing across regions, and the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).
In this module, we’ll discuss the options in Azure App Service for helping you test your Web Apps. The topics covered include Performance Tests to setup cloud-based performance tests of your apps as well as the Testing in Production options that allows you to distribute traffic across Deployment Slots.
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