Managing Identity with Azure Active Directory
Scott Hoag
2 h 13 m
Lecture Overview
In this course, students will learn how to manage and configure Azure Active Directory in basic and advanced deployment scenarios. Students will learn how to manage hybrid identity to include attribute writeback as well as how to manage devices with Azure Active Directory.

Related Learning Path(s):
Implementing Microsoft Cloud Security
AZ - 103 Microsoft Azure Administrator
AZ - 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
Lecture Modules

In this module, students will learn about Azure Active Directory - what it is, its core feature set, and how to manage multiple directories. In addition, students will learn how to create a custom domain to be associated with their Azure Active Directory tenancies to streamline user creation and onboarding.

Module Sections:

  • Introduction to Azure AD
  • Creating a Tenant
  • Managing Multiple Directories
  • Custom Domains

In this module, students will learn how to integrate an on-premises directory such as Active Directory with Azure Active Directory using Azure Active Directory Connect. Students will learn about the features of Azure Active Directory Connect and how to deploy it.

Module Sections:

  • Deploying and Managing Azure AD Connect
  • Federation and SSO
  • Password Sync and Writeback

In this module, students will learn how to manage users and groups in Azure Active Directory as well as how to configure end user facing features such as self-service password reset (SSPR). In addition, students will be introduced to the Azure Active Directory v2 PowerShell module and cmdlets for managing users and groups.

Module Sections:

  • Administrative Roles
  • Managing Users
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • Managing Groups
  • Bulk Management with PowerShell

In this module, students will learn about the device registration features of Azure Active Directory and how devices can be registered and joined to Azure AD - both in standalone and hybrid scenarios. Students will also learn to manage registered devices and implement Enterprise State Roaming.

Module Sections:

  • What is Device Management in Azure AD?
  • Planning Azure AD Join
  • Manage Devices
  • Enterprise State Roaming

In this module, students will learn how to secure access to applications through Azure Active Directory with Conditional Access Policies including the configuration of policy conditions and access controls. In addition, students will learn how to perform access reviews in Azure AD and enable Azure AD Identity Protection.

Module Sections:

  • Conditional Access Policies
  • Conditional Access Conditions
  • Conditional Access Controls
  • Access Reviews
  • Identity Protection
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