Managing Teams and App Policies
Ryan Romero
0 h 19 m
Lecture Overview
In this course, students will learn how to manage groups within Microsoft Teams from both administrator and user perspectives. Module topics include creating and managing teams, modifying team memberships, team permissions, and application policies. Microsoft Teams Administrators are expected to apply and teach these skills within their organization to train users on managing their teams and memberships. Students will practice these tasks as both administrators and users to promote efficient team membership management.

Related Learning Path(s):
MS - 700 - Managing Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how to manage a team in Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how to manage a membership in a team within Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how to implement policies for Microsoft Teams Apps
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365
  • Experience with scripting environment such as PowerShell or Bash
  • Course 1: Plan and Configure a Microsoft Teams Environment
  • Course 2: Manage Chat, Calling, and Meetings
Lecture Modules
In this Module, we’ll review: creating and managing Teams for your organization, upgrading Existing Office 365 Objects to a Team and managing org-wide teams features and privacy settings for Microsoft Teams.
In this module, we’ll review how to modify the members of a team, how to configure dynamic team membership and Configuring Teams Access Reviews for Teams Members.
In this module, we’ll review how to configure application integration permissions for Microsoft Teams clients and how to configure App Setup polices, to customize the Team Client application bar for your users.
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