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Lab: Migrating on-premises Applications to Azure

In this lab you will learn how to migrate an traditional three-tier web application (web, business logic, and data) from on-premises to Azure using Azure Site Recovery and Azure Database Migration Service.

  • Estimated time required to complete: 3 hours, 0 minutes
  • You will have access to this environment for 8 hours, 0 minutes
  • Learning Credits Required: 25


  • Knowledge of PowerShell
  • Knowledge of Azure PowerShell
  • Knowledge of Azure Site Recovery
  • Knowledge of Azure Database Migration Service


Exercise 1: Accessing the Lab Environment
In this exercise, you will connect to your LABVM and the provided Azure Subscription. Do not create more resources in Azure then the lab requires or your lab may be terminated.
Exercise 2: Validate the simulated on-premises environment
In this exercise you will validate that the "on-premises" application is running correctly.

The application environment is made up of:

- SmartHotelWeb1 - This server hosts the user accessible portion of SmartHotel360, the SmartHotel.Registration site.
- SmartHotelWeb2 - This server hosts the business logic layer of SmartHotel360, SmartHotel.Registration.Wcf, which is used by SmartHotelRegistration to communicate with the database.
- SmartHotelSQL1 - This server hosts the Registration database for SmartHotel360.
Exercise 3: Migrate the Application Database
In this exercise you will migrate the application database from on-premises to Azure using the Azure Database Migration Service.
Exercise 4: Migrate the Web Tier and Test Migration

In this exercise you will migrate the web tier of the application from on-premises to Azure using Azure Site Recovery. You will then perform a test failover of the web tier of the application. The test servers will be reconfigured to use the application database hosted in Azure SQL.

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