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Monitoring Azure Infrastructure

Course Overview
In this course, students will learn how to monitor their Azure virtual machines and other resources. This includes capturing diagnostic data, setting up alerts, and investigating logs.

Course Details
  • Author: Scott Hoag
  • Length: 2 hours, 8 minutes, 34 seconds
  • Lab: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds
  • Published: 2018-10-24
  • Level: 300

Course Objectives

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the role of the various monitoring services and features in Azure, and be able to make an appropriate choice of which to use in common IaaS scenarios
  • Understand how to capture metrics, diagnostics logs, and activity logs from virtual machines and storage accounts
  • Understand how to configure alerts in Azure Monitor
  • Understand how to analyze logs using Azure Log Analytics

Course Modules

Introduction to Azure Monitor

In this module, students will learn about Azure operations and the current monitoring landscape. Students will learn about the monitoring tools in Azure, including Azure Monitor. Students will also be introduced to metrics, log analytics, and the core concepts of troubleshooting Azure infrastructure with Azure Alerts.

Module Sections:

  • Operationalizing Azure Infrastructure
  • Monitoring Azure Infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting Azure Infrastructure
Log Analytics

In this module, students will learn what Log Analytics is, how to deploy and configure the Log Analytics service, and how to interact with the service, including authoring queries and how to use Log Analytics from Azure Monitor.

Module Sections:

  • Introduction to Log Analytics
  • Deploying and Configuring Log Analytics
  • Using Log Analytics
Azure Alerts

In this module, students will learn about Azure Alerts - both what they are and how they can be configured and managed. Students will also learn about the types of alerts that are available through Azure Monitor and how alerts can be used to bring data together from multiple targets for operations in Azure.

Module Sections:

  • Alerts Overview
  • Metric Alerts
  • Activity Log Alerts
  • Log Analytics Alerts
Azure Status, Health, and Support

In this module, students will learn about Azure platform health and monitoring through Azure Status, Azure Service Health, and Azure Resource Health. Students will also learn about the available support models for Azure across the free and paid tiers.

Module Sections:

  • Azure Status
  • Service and Resource Health
  • Azure Support
Integrating 3rd Party Tools

In this module, students will learn how to integrate the monitoring of Azure and the resources they host on it with 3rd party SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools and ITSM (IT Service Management) tools.

Module Sections:

  • Integration Scenarios
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
Azure Advisor & Azure Security Center

In this module, students will learn how to leverage Azure Advisor and Azure Security Center in their monitoring and operations strategy. Students will learn about the types of recommendations Azure Advisor offers and how those recommendations can be implemented. Students will also learn how to deploy Azure Security Center and use the recommendations it provides to monitor and control their Azure resources.

Module Sections:

  • Azure Advisor
  • Azure Security Center

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