Implementing Microsoft Identity
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Lab Overview
MS - 600: Implementing Microsoft Identity Overview You are a developer in a large organization that is currently supporting applications and .NET solutions with multiple identity providers. To centralize the identity management for your organization, you decided to use Azure Active Directory to simplify the access to internal and external applications. You registered applications in Azure, implemented authentication, configured permissions for consuming the API, and created a service to access Microsoft Graph. As a result, IT can manage all applications from a centralized location to provide users a seamless sign-in experience.

Related Learning Path(s):
MS - 600 Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services
Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ 303 and AZ 304)
In this exercise, you will setup the Azure environment.
In this exercise, you will create a new Active Directory organization so you will understand the steps involved.
This exercise will demonstrate the different account types that are used within the Microsoft identity platform.
This exercise will demonstrate to the user how to configure and implement an application that supports B2B.
In this exercise, you'll learn how to configure an application to expose a new scope to make it available to client applications.
This exercise explores JavaScript single-page applications (SPA).
In this exercise, you'll create an Azure AD application and single page application for a user to sign in and display their information on the page. This application will use MSAL.js for the access token request.
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