Overview of Puppet
Shantanu Das
3 h 25 m
Lecture Overview
This overview has been developed and targeted specifically towards system administratorsand software developers on a Linux platform, who want to automate the deployment of anapplication (installation, upgrades, configuration files) and/or provision or configurean entire system.

Related Learning Path(s):
Introduction to Configuration Management
  • Use of Puppet from the command line.
  • Create and run manifest (files).
  • Use standard Puppet resource-type definitions.
  • Create and modify agent credentials.
  • Use roles and profiles.
  • Design a 'best practice' strategy for using Puppet capabilities.
  • Understand the usage and capabilities of the Puppet WebUI.
  • Familiarity with basic Linux system commands
  • Ability to use a text editor
  • Experience with any interactive computer system
Lecture Modules
This module discusses the capabilities of Puppet Enterprise, terminology, and required environment for setup of Puppet.

This module covers the download and installation of Puppet, configuring puppet.conf, and Facter concepts and core facts.

This module covers the overview, installation and initial setup of the Puppet Enterprise agent.

This module covers resource management, defining and applying configuration resources, and resource definitions.

This module covers Puppet reporting with Hiera 5.

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