Peering Virtual Networks in Azure
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Lab Overview
In this lab, you learn how to configure virtual networking peering.Virtual network peering enables you to seemlessly connect two Azure virtual networks. Once peered, the virtual networks appear as one, for connectivity purposes. The traffic between virtual machines in the peered virtual networks is routed through the Microsoft backbone infrastructure, much like traffic is routed between virtual machines in the same virtual network, through private IP addresses only.Note 1: This lab will connect two virtual networks within the same region. Note 2: If you want a more in-depth view of virtual network connectivity (including site-to-site and point-to-site) try the Introduction to Virtual Network Connectivity lab.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies
Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ 303 and AZ 304)
In this exercise, you will start the Real Time Lab Environment for the lab. This lab will provide access to a Microsoft Azure subscription to complete the tasks. Do not create more resources in Azure then the lab requires or your lab may be terminated.
In this exercise, you will create a virtual machine and a virtual network. 
In this exercise, you will create a new virtual network and virtual machine in the same Azure region and establish connectivity using Virtual Network Peering.
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