Building Azure Mobile Apps with Xamarin Forms
Russell Fustino
2 h 51 m
Lecture Overview
In this class on Xamarin Forms, you will learn how to create cross platform applications for iOS, Android and Windows UWP and share C# code for both the UI and the logic that drives it. We will cover the solution structure, layout system, basic controls and different app styles you can create. XAML is supported in Xamarin Forms and we will look at how to add pages, provide behavior and even change property values in a device-specific fashion. We will explore how the Xamarin Forms layout system works and show you how to best utilize the StackLayout and Grid layout containers, as well working with ListView and Image views. You will learn how to build an Azure Mobile App on the Azure Portal using the Quickstart for Xamarin Forms. The App Service that the Quickstart generates will be customized to add more tables, DTOs and Controllers. Finally, you will modify an existing app to become a Xamarin Forms Client for Azure with offline synchronization.

Related Learning Path(s):
Building Mobile Apps on Azure
  • Installing Visual Studio 2017
  • Introduction to Xamarin Forms
  • Building an Azure Service using Quickstart
  • Building a Xamarin Forms Azure Client
  • Delete Resources in your Subscription
  • Visual Studio 2017 with Xamarin Installed
  • Working Knowledge of C#
  • Windows 10 Pro or higher for using emulators.
  • Microsoft Azure Subscription:
Lecture Modules
In Module 1 learn how to ceate a new Xamarin Forms application and review the structure of the solution. Run the Application for Android, UWP and optionally iOS, if connected with a Mac Server. As this is a cross platform app, you can use any mix of the platform projects depending on your development environment (Mac or Windows). Learn how to enhance the app to have a Main navigation page with StackLayout and Grid Layout, that considers device form factors for phone and tablet using device specifc logic. The Main page will also use embedded resource images. A ListView page will be added with a selection event handler.

In Module 2  you will create the database and Service API for a Xamarin.Forms application to consume, utilizing an Azure mobile service. You will use the portal to create a Mobile App and use the Xamarin Forms Quickstart to create a database for the app. The Qucikstart also provides creating a app service using the Table API. You will modify the Table API Service app and create two tables questions and responses. You will use these for a polling service with the data for questions provided in this exercise and the data for answers provided in the Xamarin Forms App Client in Module 4
In Module 3 you will see a new Azure Xamarin Forms app created with Quickstart. Then you will modify an existing Xamarin Forms application to add support for utilizing an Azure mobile service. You can use any mix of the platform projects depending on your development environment (Mac or Windows). You will customize DTOs and database query logic as well as add offline caching support and synchronization.
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