Power BI - Implement and Test Row-Level Security
0 h 30 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will implement basic row-level security in Power BI Desktop and PowerBI.com. First, you will create roles on a model in Power BI and add filters for each role. Then you will deploy the model and test the row-level security in PowerBI.com. Then you will add members to the role in PowerBI.com.

Related Learning Path(s):
Business Intelligence with Power BI
  • Implementing row-level security using PowerBI
  • Deploying reports and datasets in Power BI
  • Fundamentals of Power BI
In this exercise, you will create row-level security roles in Power BI Desktop, then you will deploy and test your role in PowerBI.com. Row-level security (RLS) roles are implemented in two places in Power BI. First, the role definition and filter on the data is created in Power BI desktop. Then, once the report is published to the Power BI service, members (users and groups) are assigned to the roles. 
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