PowerShell 7 : Making PowerShell Output Look Pretty with Formatting
Adam Bertram
0 h 15 m
Lecture Overview
In this series of demos, you're going to learn how to change up how PowerShell returns output. You will learn about PowerShell's formatting system, how to use various formatting cmdlets and some best practices on when to use formatting cmdlets.

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Getting Started with PowerShell 7
Lecture Modules
In this video you will meet Adam Bertram as he gives an introduction of what you will learn in this series of videos.
What you see is not necessarily what you get in PowerShell. Behind the scenes, PowerShell has an output formatting system that sometimes changes what you see in the console. Formatting cleans up and presents output in a cleaner way than if you were seeing raw objects with their properties. In this demo, you're going to learn how PowerShell's formatting system works.
You don't have to learn all about PowerShell's internal formatting system and build your own PS1XML files to change up output. Instead, you can use various formatting cmdlets to achieve similar results without having to learn XML! In this demo you're going to learn how to use the various cmdlets in PowerShell that change up how output is displayed.
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