PowerShell 7 : Running Commands on Remote Computers with PowerShell Remoting
Adam Bertram
0 h 20 m
Lecture Overview
At some point soon in your PowerShell career, there will be a time when you need to reach out to other computers. PowerShell can do some great things on your local computer but has the ability to run any scripts and commands you can run on your local computer on remote computers also.In this series of videos, you're going to learn how to get started with PowerShell's feature called PS Remoting and how to run commands on one or many computers at once.

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Getting Started with PowerShell 7
Lecture Modules

In this video you will meet Adam Bertram as he introduces this series of videos/

In this demo, you're going to learn how to enable PS Remoting, configure the Windows firewall to ensure clients can connect to a machine and other various configuration items needed to successfully connect to remote computers.

In this demo, you're going to learn how to run commands on remote computers using "non-persistent" sessions or sessions that immediately exit once the command execution completes.
In this demo, you will learn how to create persistent sessions, disconnect, connect back and remove sessions.
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