PowerShell 7 : Working with the PowerShell Pipeline
Adam Bertram
0 h 11 m
Lecture Overview
In this series of demos, you will learn about one of the most unique features of the PowerShell language; the PowerShell pipeline. Nearly all shell scripting languages have had pipelines for decades but none that passes objects.

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Getting Started with PowerShell 7
Lecture Modules

In this video you will meet Adam Bertram as he gives an overview of what you will learn in this series of demos and labs.

In this demo we will show you how to understand what an object looks like in PowerShell. You will also learn how to interrogate objects as well as how the Get-Member cmdlet can help you view objects. 

In this demo you will learn how to understand how PowerShell passes objects from one command to another as well as understand the concept of parameter binding.

The pipeline can chain one, ten or 100 commands together if it can properly find "pipelineable" input parameters for all command involved. Some commands do not return output by default but you can force them to. In this exercise, you're going to learn a circumstance where you can find multiple commands together to create a simple one-liner command.

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