PowerShell for Office 365
Liam Cleary
6 h 52 m
Lecture Overview
The course will educate you on the details you need to know to be able to start writing PowerShell for Office 365. By the end, our objective is to make you feel comfortable writing PowerShell against any of the core technologies in the stack. We’ll also give you some real-world examples of where you can use PowerShell to be more consistent and save time.

Related Learning Path(s):
  • An Office 365 Tenant you can use for HOLs
  • An Azure Subscription for HOLs with Azure Automation
  • Computer for writing and running remote PowerShell
  • Basic administrative experience with Office 365
  • Basic PowerShell scripting
Lecture Modules
Module 1 covers getting connected to Office 365 with PowerShell and overall management for your Office 365 tenant.  This will cover using the MSOL Module to connect to Office 365 and using the cmdlets in that Module.  It will start with using PowerShell, provision your Office 365 tenant to creating and modifying users, managing user licenses and other global Office 365 configurations.
Module 2 is all about the administration of the Azure Rights Management service in Office 365 using PowerShell.  It will take both the AADRM module as well as the Azure Information Protection module.  It will cover configuring the services and features as well as managing and protection files.
In Module 3, you’ll learn how to leverage PowerShell to configure and Manage Azure AD Connect (AAD Connect) and ADFS.  PowerShell can be used to manage the settings and the sync schedule. For ADFS, we’ll cover installing and configuration ADFS as well as setting up Office 365 to leverage ADFS for authentication.
Module 4 will dig into the various ways you can monitor Office 365 with PowerShell. This will focus primarily on Exchange Online, as that is where most of the auditing and reporting information is stored.  However, it will also look at other modules that may be used for monitoring various services in Office 365.
In Module 5, we will jump into leverating the SharePoint Online PowerShell module for Office 365.  You will learn how to configure your SharePoint Online environment tenant settings to include external sharing and managing SharePoint Online Site Collections.
Module 6 will scratch the surface of what you can do with PowerShell when it comes to Exchange Online.  Exchange Online and SharePoint Online are both broad in terms of what can be accomplished with PowerShell.  As with SharePoint, this won’t include everything you can do, but this module will contain an overview to get you started off on the right foot when writing PowerShell.
Module 7 discusses the management of Skype for Business with PowerShell.  Here, we will learn about the configuration of your Skype for Business tenant with PowerShell followed by managing your Skype for Business users with PowerShell.
Module 8 covers the Security and Compliance Center.  This is a subset of the Exchange Online cmdlets. When it comes to using them, it can reach across various pillars to span both SharePoint and Exchange.  In this module, we’ll look at the different options we have in PowerShell when it comes to the Security and Compliance Center.
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