Building your First Module with PowerShell 7
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Lab Overview
Building your First Module Overview When you find yourself building the same kind of script over and over again, things have to change. To go from PowerShell newbie to PowerShell pro requires going from just writing to designing and architecting code. You must know when to create building blocks you can reuses for other purposes. Modules do that just. In this lab, you are going to learn not only how to build a module but also when you should look into building your own module via a real-world project.

Related Learning Path(s):
Getting Started with PowerShell 7
  • To learn what a module is, what they are capable of and why to build one
  • To create a module
In this exercise, you're going to learn the purpose of a module and why/when to build one. This exercise will build upon a real-world need. You need to write some code to query various information about servers on your network. You'd like to build a report you can open in Excel that will provide basic hardware information about every server in your environment.
In this exercise, you're going to learn how to build a module along with a module manifest.
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