Understanding and Working with Objects in PowerShell 7
0 h 35 m
Lab Overview
Understanding and Working with Objects in PowerShell Overview In this lab, you will learn the foundational concept of PowerShell; objects. Everything in PowerShell is an object so its critical to understand what they are and how to work with them. Youll learn how to understand how to read objects, create objects and how you can interact with them in PowerShell.

Related Learning Path(s):
Getting Started with PowerShell 7
  • To understand the role of objects in PowerShell
  • To learn how to inspect objects
  • To learn how to create custom objects
In this exercise, you will explore objects with the Get-Member command
In this exercise, you're going to learn how to narrow down the kind of object output you're looking for in many different ways.
In this exercise, you are going to learn what methods are, how to discover methods on objects and how to invoke them.
In this exercise, you will learn to create your own objects
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