Using PowerShell Modules
0 h 35 m
Lab Overview
Using PowerShell Modules Overview In this lab, you are going to learn all about PowerShell modules. Youll learn the purpose of modules, how to find modules loaded on your computer, install new modules and more! By the end of this lab, youll be able to manage modules like a pro.

Related Learning Path(s):
Getting Started with PowerShell 7
  • To learn how to use modules
  • To learn where to find community modules
  • To learn how to install and import modules
In this exercise, you will learn how to discover all of the modules that come with PowerShell, how to find them with some Modules 101 lessons in the process.
In this exercise, you will learn how to import modules and also remove them from a session.
In this exercise, you will download, install and manage a module found on the PowerShell Gallery.
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