Working with the PowerShell Pipeline
0 h 25 m
Lab Overview
Working with the PowerShell Pipeline Overview In this lab, you will learn about one of the most unique features of the PowerShell language; the PowerShell pipeline. Nearly all shell scripting languages have had pipelines for decades but none that passes objects.

Related Learning Path(s):
Getting Started with PowerShell 7
  • To learn the role objects play in PowerShell
  • To understand how PowerShell can pass objects from one command to another
  • To learn what makes the PowerShell pipeline different than other shells
In this exercise, you will understand the difference between strings and objects.
In this exercise, you will understand object and parameter binding.
In this exercise, you have a file called C:\SkillMeUp\services.txt. You'd like to ensure each of these services in this text file are started.
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