SQL Server Fundamentals - Introduction to Relational Databases
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Lab Overview
In this lab, you will learn the fundamentals of creating databases, tables, views and relationships using Microsoft SQL Server. You will gain experience using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and learn introductory concepts of writing T-SQL queries.

Related Learning Path(s):
Introduction to Relational Databases
  • Understand how to create a database
  • Understand how to create tables, relationships and views
Before creating any tables we will need a database to hold the tables.
Within the Fundamentals database we want to create some tables and a primary key.  In this exercise we will create three tables:  Employees, Territories and Region and build relations between them.
In this exercise, you will create relationships between the three tables created in exercise 2.
In this exercise, you will create a database diagram of the three related tables.
In this exercise, you will populate the three tables with several rows of data.
In this exercise, you will query the three tables using T-SQL.
In this exercise, you will create a view and query it using T-SQL.
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