Securing Data and Applications
Peter De Tender
2 h 7 m
Lecture Overview
This course is the 4th and last in a series around Azure Security, reflecting on the Microsoft exam objectives as a starting point, but also covering broader topics than wat is required for the exam.This course has a core focus on deploying, configuring and managing security of your data that is stored in Azure, as well as how to secure your business-critical application workloads. You will learn about securing Azure SQL, covering different built-in and sometimes unique to public cloud features of SQL Server. Next, you will also learn the basics of securing other data solutions like HD Insights, Azure Data Lake and Cosmos DB. Another part of the course discusses on how to enable and configure data encryption, using Azure Key Vault as secrets store. Last, you will also learn about several security features of Azure App Services, optimizing security for Azure Web Apps and Azure App Services Environment.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
  • Configuring Azure SQL Security features.
  • Configuring data sovereignty and data classification using Azure SQL.
  • Enabling and managing security for Azure Storage Accounts.
  • Optimizing security configurations for HD Insight, Cosmos DB, and Azure Data Lake.
  • Implementing storage and data encryption.
  • Deploying, configuring, and managing Azure Key Vault.
Lecture Modules

In this module you will learn about Azure services providing data solutions. Starting with the database side of this, you will learn about securing Azure SQL, as well as other data platforms like HD Insight, Cosmos DB and Azure Data Lake. The 2nd data component you will learn about is Azure Storage Accounts, and how to configure protection of your data within. 

In this module you will learn about implementing security for application workloads, running in Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS). You learn about security features in Azure Web Apps, how to configure TLS/SSL certificates, and how to optimize app security using the Azure App Services Environment (ASE) architecture. 
In this module, you will learn about Azure secrets store, similar to your on-premises Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliance you might know. Azure Key Vault provides a secrets store for keys, secrets and certificates, dramatically optimizing how to handle encryption and overall secret management for your cloud landscape. 
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