Implementing Clustered Columnstore Indexing in Azure SQL Database
1 h 10 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, we will explore the use of columnstore indexes in Azure SQL Database. We will evaluate the performance improvements we get when we implement columnstore indexes on tables for with analytical workloads. 

Related Learning Path(s):
Azure SQL Database and SQL DW
  • Implement clustered columnstore indexes in Azure SQL Database
  • Experience with SQL Server or Azure SQL Database
In this exercise, you will manually deploy the environment needed for this lab.

In this exercise, you will examine the structure of heaps, clustered indexes and clustered columnstore indexes to better understand the pros and cons of clustered columnstores in Azure SQL Database

In this exercise, you will compare the difference in performance between a table with a clustered index and another table with a clustered columnstore index.
In this exercise, you will explore the behavior of columnstore indexes when performing typical data modifications, such as inserts and deletes on fact tables.
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