Managing Elastic Database Pools in Azure SQL Database
1 h 25 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, we will walk through management and monitoring of an Elastic Pool. First, we will create an Elastic Pool and add our databases to the pool. Then we will monitor the performance of our pool using TSQL Scripts and the Azure Portal. DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE

Related Learning Path(s):
Azure SQL Database and SQL DW
Designing and Implementing Cloud and Data Platform Solutions
  • Managing Azure SQL Database Elastic Pools.
  • Monitoring Elastic Database Pools using the Azure Portal.
  • Troubleshooting Elastic Database Pool resource consumption using Database Management Views.
  • Previous experience with SQL Server or Azure SQL Database
In this exercise, you will create an Elastic Pool on an existing Logical SQL Server. You will add four databases to the pool and configure your client machine to connect to the Logical SQL Server.
In this exercise, we will setup and configure monitoring for an elastic database pool to pinpoint a database that is having performance issues. We will then reallocate pool resources to accommodate this databases coexistence in the pool
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