Understanding Web Servers, Browsers, and the HTTP Protocol
Tim Noxsinz
1 h 5 m
Lecture Overview
In this course we will explore web servers, browsers, and the HTTP Protocol in the context of Internet architecture and using the client-server paradigm prominent in the web today. This course will seek to explain each concept, highlight fundamental building blocks, and eventually showcase a demo that grounds each concept and how all the three aspects work together within the client server paradigm. For example, you’ll learn about some of the common HTTP Status codes such as OK 200 and Page 404 Page Not Found in the context of web requests.The course will seek to develop an integrated understanding with the ability to apply the concepts using existing web technologies such as NGINX web server, HTML, and Google Chrome.

Related Learning Path(s):
Web Developer
  • The course seeks to provide a solid understanding of how web servers and web clients (browsers) exchange information on the Internet using the HTTP Protocol. The end goal is to enable both developers and IT Professionals alike to be able to understand these concepts in both theory and practice enabling them to set up test environments and even deploy at scale to the cloud.
  • Basic appreciation of how complimentary Internet technologies such as DNS work
Lecture Modules
Module 1 covers an overview of Client server paradigm with a focus on web servers and web clients (browsers) in general. 
Module 2 Understanding how information is relayed between a client (browser) and a SERVER using HTTP. A closer look at the GET and POST Methods of HTTP, with a view to understand usage and overall format within a HTML Template. 
Module 3 we explore how information is displayed on the browser and Importantly what happens under the hood when a request is made. You’ll learn what method is used and what status codes it may return from the server. 
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