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Lab: Understanding Azure Machine Learning

In this lab, you will build a machine learning experiment using Azure Machine Learning. You will start by creating a Machine Learning Workspace in the Azure Portal. You will then login to ML Studio where you will import an external dataset, clean the dataset, choose a machine learning algorithm and train your model. Finally, you will score and evaluate your model to determine its accuracy.

  • Estimated time required to complete: 1 hours, 0 minutes
  • You will have access to this environment for 3 hours, 30 minutes
  • Learning Credits Required: 5

Learning Objectives

  • Provision Azure Machine Learning in the Azure Portal
  • Understand the basic building blocks and process of machine learning
  • Build machine learning experiments using ML Studio
  • Train a basic machine learning model using Azure Machine Learning
  • Evaluate the performance of a machine learning model in Azure Machine Learning


  • Basic understanding of Azure

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Exercise 1: Create an Azure Machine Learning Workspace
In this exercise, you will create an Azure Machine Learning Workspace using the Microsoft Azure Management Portal.
Exercise 2: Create a Machine Learning Experiment
In this exercise, we will create a machine learning experiment leveraging the ML Workspace we created in the previous exercise. 
This exercise will use the existing automobile price sample data provided in AzureML.

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