Introduction to Bootstrap
4 h 15 m
Pausable for 48 hours
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will use the various features of Bootstrap to build a simple website. You will add Bootstrap components (such as modals, tooltips and more), define a layout, and implement different Bootstrap extensions. 

Related Learning Path(s):
Web Developer
In this exercise, you will work with some Bootstrap elements and use SASS as a pre-processing language. You'll see some difference between SASS and LESS, but we will mainly work with SASS since this course it's partly for Bootstrap and the newest version of it adopted SASS.
In this exercise, you'll work with the Bootstrap grid system.
In this exercise, you'll work with some Bootstrap classes to see the difference that it brings to the common HTML elements. Then, you'll work with some more advanced Bootstrap concepts that you'll probably need in your future websites.
In this exercise, we will implement two extensions for Bootstrap from directly from the Bootstrap contributors, a trusted source.
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