Introduction to jQuery
6 h 35 m
Pausable for 48 hours
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will learn the fundamentals of Javascript, the Document Object Model, jQuery, AJAX, debugging Javascript errors using browser development tools and form validation with jQuery.

Related Learning Path(s):
Web Developer
  • basic understanding of web technologies
In this exercise, you will set up your lab environment to begin developing with jQuery.
In this exercise, you'll learn the basics of JavaScript. You'll learn about objects as well as work with functions and methods.
In this exercise you'll work with the DOM, to learn how the browser renders some changes made from scripts. You'll learn about events and how they change the behaviour of the web page.
In this exercise, you'll learn how to use the jQuery library instead of the JS events or selector functions and then you'll learn how to implement a jQuery UI component.
In this exercise, you'll learn how to make an AJAX call and how to receive a JSON response, but you'll also learn hot to debug your code and identify errors.
In this exercise you'll integrate a small form with a client-side validation.
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