What’s New In Windows Server 2016
Chris Rhodes
2 h 34 m
Lecture Overview
This course explores the new features in Windows Server 2016 for students who are familiar with Windows Server 2012. The course begins by taking the learner through some of the new security features that can help harden a server environment. Advances in Hyper-V for server virtualization are examined, then an in-depth view of Software defined storage will be explored. New options in application hosting in the form of Containers and Nano Server are opened up. Finally, a modern look at server management with new technologies that give better efficiency to administration.

Related Learning Path(s):
  • This course is designed to up-lift the skills of an IT Professional who has deployed and managed a network based on Windows Server 2012, and take their knowledge forward to leverage the new features found in Windows Server 2016.
  • A working understanding of Windows Server 2012 features and technologies such as Hyper-V, Active Directory and networking technologies.
Lecture Modules

This module examines some of the new features that tackle threats faced by organizations today, and yet to be defined threats of tomorrow. Topics include:

  • Just enough administration
  • Device Guard
  • Privileged identity
  • Nano Server
  • Assessment

In this module you will learn how to:

  • Host options for Windows Server 2016 based hypervisors
  • Describe encryption options
  • Understand the role of the Host Guardian Service and Shielded VMs
  • Assessment

This module is focused on the new software based storage features that can dramatically reduce costs in the storage fabric of a modern datacenter.

  • Understand Storage Spaces Direct functionality
  • Implement Storage Replica
  • Assessment

This module is focused on the new software based storage features that can dramatically reduce costs as part of the storage fabric in a modern datacenter.

  • Understand the evolution of virtualization into Containers for app hosting
  • Implement Nano Server and describe when it can be used
  • Assessment

This module is focused on how the modern datacenter can be better managed, utilizing new features in Windows Server 2016.

  • Understand Just Enough Administration
  • Manage servers with PowerShell Direct
  • Assessment
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