Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Part 1
Liam Cleary
3 h 54 m
Lecture Overview
The course will educate students on setting up a Windows Server environment, with supporting services and components. It will introduce you to Windows Server, as well as provide an understanding of server hardware and resources. It will also provide the basics of installing, configuring and managing Windows Servers, along with disk storage, device management, services and performance monitoring in windows server.

Related Learning Path(s):
Windows Server 2019 Administration Fundamentals
  • Access to Windows Server Media for Installation
  • Basic Windows Knowledge
  • Basic Networking Knowledge
Lecture Modules
This module covers an introduction to Servers, followed by Windows Servers. This will cover a tour of Windows Server, to get you familiar with the interface.
This module is all about Server Hardware Options, as well as resources required for a server. We will look at the Processor, Memory, Storage and Networking, as these are the key components that are needed. This will also cover an understanding of virtualization.
In this module you’ll learn how install Windows Servers, as well understand the required licensing. This will also cover selecting the right edition of Windows Server.
In this module, we will dig into basic configuration and management tools available to help you manage Windows Server. This will also include some of the basic PowerShell commands that can be used.
This module will address leveraging different types of storage within Windows Servers. This will cover in introduction to RAID, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN). Disk structures will also be explained.
This module covers performance monitoring Window Server. This will cover performance baselines and how to manage server tasks and resources.
This module covers device drivers and services within Windows Server. This will include how to manage devices and their drivers, plus Windows Services.
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