Building an Azure Web App with Java
3 h 5 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will create, deploy, and configure an Azure Web App using Java, CosmosDB (DocumentDB), Azure Active Directory, and Application Insights. Your first exercise will be to create a development environment where you can create and debug Java code. From there, you will integrate more Azure services and technologies to complete the cloud environment, authentication, continuous deployment, and diagnostics for your application.

Related Learning Path(s):
Building Web Apps on Azure
  • Understand how to deploy Java applications using Azure App Services
  • How to create and store data in CosmoDB
  • How to protect an enterprise web application using Azure AD
  • How to enable continuous deployment using VSTS and Git
  • Microsoft Azure Subscription:
In this exercise, you will set up a Java development environment inside of Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio Code.
This will include an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a build and release environment for continuous deployment, and a private container registry to hold Docker containers which will contain a web server image to run your application.
In this exercise, you will install some Visual Studio Code extensions and load the Java project into the editor and check that your environment is configured properly. You will then set up an Azure Container Registry and Visual Studio Team Services account to enable a continuous delivery pipeline.
In this exercise, you will perform a few tasks to become familiar with Azure Active Directory. This will include configuring your domain by adding an administrative user and creating some additional user accounts through scripting.
In this exercise, you will create an Azure App Service and an Azure Web App with Linux hosted on the App Service. You will also create an Azure Cosmos DB for the application database and then configure continuous integration into the new App Service instance.
In this exercise, you will configure your application to authenticate using Azure Active Directory.
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