Cloud Workshop - Building a Resilient IaaS Architecture
3 h 15 m
Lab Overview
Contoso has asked you to deploy their infrastructure in a resilient manner to insure their infrastructure will be available for their users and gain an SLA from Microsoft. In this hands-on lab, you will take an existing deployment in Azure and re-architect it for resiliency.

Related Learning Path(s):
SQL Server - ILT
Contoso is planning to deploy infrastructure in multiple regions in Azure to provide infrastructure closer to their employees in each region as well as the ability to provide additional resiliency in the future for certain workloads. In this exercise, you will configure connectivity between the two regions.
In this exercise, you will deploy Windows Server Active Directory configured for resiliency using Azure Managed Disks and Availability Sets in the primary region. You will then deploy additional domain controllers in a second region for future expansion of the Azure footprint.
In this exercise, you will deploy resilient web servers using Azure Virtual Machines´╗┐ and a SQL Always-On Cluster for resiliency at the data tier.
In this exercise, you will configure SQL Server Managed Backup to back up to an Azure Storage Account.
´╗┐In this exercise, you will validate resiliency with the deployment.
In this exercise, you will configure Azure Site Recovery and fail over the Cloud Shop Sample application between regions.
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