C# .Net Core Strings and Arrays
2 h 0 m
Pausable for 8 hours
Lab Overview
In this lab you will learn about working with strings, string operations, and arrays. You will start off learning a bit more about the Character type and then examine strings as a group of characters, and finish up learning about strings by leveraging common string operations. After working through the strings, youll examine the Array type. Youll then learn about arrays and how they work to store information, as well as how you find and get the information you need from an array. The lab will wrap up with a look at multidimensional arrays.

Related Learning Path(s):
Programming Fundamentals with C#
  • Understand the Character type
  • Become proficient with strings and string operations
  • Understand how Arrays work
  • Be able to utilize arrays for storing multiple values as appropriate
  • Gain knowledge of how arrays work with different array operations
  • Learn about multidimensional arrays
In this exercise you will discover the goals for this lab, and get an introduction to working with strings and arrays.
In this exercise, you will learn about the structure and overall use of arrays for storing objects
In this exercise, you will learn more about the Character type, how strings work, and you will explore critical operations and properties of strings
In this exercise, you will get a quick refresher on Big-O Notation and efficiency, then look at a couple of algorithms to compare efficiency when working with an array
In this exercise, you will learn about the structure and appropriate times for using multidimensional arrays.
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