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Lab: Deploying and Configuring Azure Application Gateway with Azure PowerShell

In this lab, you will learn how to deploy and configure Azure Application Gateway with Azure PowerShell. You will author PowerShell scripts that will deploy virtual machines and place an Azure Application Gateway in front of those machines. You will then configure the gateway for SSL termination, enable the Web Application Firewall and diagnostics, and then configure a listener with custom routing rules. 

  • Estimated time required to complete: 3 hours, 15 minutes
  • You will have access to this environment for 6 hours, 0 minutes
  • Learning Credits Required: 20


  • Knowledge of PowerShell
  • Knowledge of Azure PowerShell


Exercise 1: Setup a Lab Environment
In this exercise, will connect to your LABVM and the provided Azure Subscription. Do not create more resources in Azure then the lab requires or your lab may be terminated.
Exercise 2: Create Application Gateway and Virtual Machines
In this exercise, you will create two virtual machines that host a simple website that displays the VM name when browsed. Those virtual machines will be placed behind an Application Gateway which will then be used as the public-facing endpoint to browse the virtual machines. 
Exercise 3: Configuring SSL Termination
In this exercise, you will create a SSL certificate that will be used to terminate SSL connections at the Application Gateway.
Exercise 4: Enabling Diagnostics and Configuring the Web Application Firewall
In this exercise, you will enable the Web Application Firewall and the diagnostics for the Application Gateway.
Exercise 5: Configuring URL Routes
In this exercise, you will configure custom URL routes on your gateway. The custom routes allow you to serve content from your desired backend servers based on the URL that the client browses.

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