Implementing Azure Backup - Lab
2 h 35 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you learn about the deployment of an Azure Recovery Services Vault, followed by the implementation of the different Azure Backup Solutions (Azure Backup Agent-based, Azure Backup Server and Azure IaaS VM) available in Azure Resource Manager today. In the last exercise, you deploy the preview integration of Azure ARM backup with OMS.This lab uses pre-provisioned resources and will take 15-20 minutes to start.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 103 Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Configure and deploy Azure Recovery Services Vault
  • Implement Azure Backup Agent-based backup solution
  • Implementing Azure Backup Server (MABS) based backup solution
  • Implementing Azure VM IaaS Backup solution
  • Monitoring Azure Resource Manager backup using OMS

In this exercise, you will manually deploy the environment needed for this lab. Only complete this exercise if you are using your own Microsoft Azure subscription and not Opsgility Real Time Labs.

In task 1, you will deploy the LabVM Windows virtual machine, from where you execute the different exercises. In task 2, you will provision several additional virtual machines used throughout this lab.

In this exercise, you will setup the Azure Recovery Vault for enabling Azure Backup solutions. A Recovery Services vault is an online storage entity in Azure used to hold data such as backup copies, recovery points, and backup policies. You can use Recovery Services vaults to hold backup data for various Azure services such as IaaS VMs (Linux or Windows) and Azure SQL databases. Recovery Services vaults support System Center DPM, Windows Server, Azure Backup Server, and more. Recovery Services vaults make it easy to organize your backup data, while minimizing management overhead.

In this exercise, you will configure the following scenarios: 

  • Using an agent based backup solution to protect files and folders
  • Deploying Azure Backup Server that can backup specific workloads
  • Backing up an Azure Virtual Machine

In the next exercise, you will use them for actual backup and recovery scenarios. 

In this exercise, you will walk through configuring the different backup solutions. 

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