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Cloud Workshop - Modern Cloud Apps
3 h 30 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will build and deploy an end-to-end e-commerce site that provides order processing and receipt generation capabilities using modern PaaS services from Azure. This lab will explore Azure App Services, SQL Database, Azure Functions and Logic Apps.
  • Attendees will be better able to deploy and configure Azure Web Apps and associated services. In addition,
  • Configure web apps for authentication with Azure AD
  • Instrument and load-test the application with App Insights
  • Automate backend services using Azure Functions and Logic Apps
  • Basic understanding of Azure
  • Basic understanding of Visual Studio

Contoso has asked you to create a proof of concept deployment in Microsoft Azure by deploying the web, database, and API applications for the solution as well as validating that the core functionality of the solution works. Ensure all resources use the same resource group previously created for the App Service Environment.

The Contoso call center admin application will only be accessible by users of the Contoso Active Directory environment. You have been asked to create a new Azure AD Tenant and secure the application so only users from the tenant can log on.
To configure the application for logging and diagnostics, you have been asked to configure Microsoft Azure Application Insights and add some custom telemetry.
Contoso wants to automate the process of generating receipts in PDF format and alerting users when their orders have been processed using Azure Logic App and Functions. To run custom snippets of C# or node.js in logic apps, you can create custom functions through Azure Functions. Azure Functions offers server-free computing in Microsoft Azure and are useful for performing these tasks:
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