Microsoft 365 - Managing Microsoft Teams
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Lab Overview
In this lab, you will assume the role of Joni Sherman, a System Administrator for Contoso Ltd. and her pilot team that shall evaluate the capabilities of Microsoft Teams in a testing environment. You have implemented Microsoft 365 in a virtualized lab environment already and were commissioned to conduct a pilot project to test the implementation of Microsoft Teams against Contoso Ltd. business requirements. This lab will help you prepare for exam MS 700 - Managing Microsoft Teams.

Related Learning Path(s):
MS - 300 Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork
MS - 500 Security Administration with Microsoft 365
  • Assign Teams admin roles to users
  • Check license assignment for users
  • Understand the Teams admin center and it’s menus
  • Install the Teams PowerShell module and explore its cmdlets
  • Install the Skype for Business Online PowerShell module and explore its cmdlets
  • Create Office 365 groups from the M365 admin center
  • Create new teams using the Teams Desktop client
  • Create new teams using the Teams web client
  • Create classification labels
  • Configure expiration policies
  • Restrict creation of new teams to members of a security group
  • Create naming policies
  • Reset all Azure AD settings to defaults
  • Activating ATP protection for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams
  • Configure retention policies
  • Create a DLP policy to protect GDPR content
  • Calculate the network bandwidth capacity for a Teams deployment
  • Work with the Network Testing Companion on a client
  • Create configuration profiles for devices
  • Configure a new Microsoft Teams Room
  • Create a Team from a O365 Group
  • Create a Team by using PowerShell
  • Create a Team with dynamic membership
  • Delete and recover Teams
  • Configure guest access in Azure and Teams
  • Review Access to a resource
  • Create a messaging policy
  • Manage private channels
  • Disable third party storage providers
  • Upload a tenant wide custom line of business app
  • Edit and test default org-wide app policy
  • Edit and test default app permission policy
  • Manage meeting policies
  • Configure meeting settings
  • Create live event policies
  • Configure emergency addresses
  • Create calling policies
  • Configure resource accounts and calling queues
  • Create resource accounts and auto attendants
  • Test configured meeting policies
  • Test configured meeting settings
In this exercise you will log into Office 365 and verify that you have permissions to view the SharePoint admin center. You will log into the SharePoint admin center and navigate around the admin center to become familiar with its settings.
Your organization is planning to deploy Microsoft Teams. Before starting the deployment, IT department is gathering business requirements about Teams governance as well as data security and compliance, including how the data shared in Teams be regulated according to the organization's compliance requirements. After you complete the planning process, you will configure Office 365 Groups governance, protect Teams from threats, and configure Teams to meet your organization compliance requirements.
Microsoft Teams provides users with chat, audio, video and content sharing experience in different network conditions. It includes variable codecs, where media can be negotiated in limited bandwidth environments. However, as a Teams admin, you will need to carefully plan your network bandwidth, because there are other Office 365 services and third-party apps that also need reliable network connection. Therefore, it is very important that Teams admins have tools that could help to estimate the bandwidth consumption according to specific business requirements and existing network infrastructure, and provide best experience to business users.
In this exercise, you will perform operational tasks as a Teams administrator, such as creating and modifying teams, managing membership and recovering deleted teams. In the second half of this lab, you will configure the guest access for your tenant and review access for both, internal and external users.
In managing collaboration in Microsoft Teams, you will manage chat and collaboration experiences such as team settings or private channel creation policies. Finally, you will manage settings for Teams apps such as app setup policies, Apps, bots & connectors in Microsoft Teams or publish a custom app in Microsoft Teams.
According to Contoso business requirements, Microsoft Teams will be used as an organization's solution for conferencing and telephony. Therefore, Teams admins need to configure conferencing functionalities, such as meetings and live event features that will provide best user experience during collaboration and communication. Furthermore, Teams admins will need to replace Contoso legacy PBX solution and configure voice features that will provide users with Teams calling capabilities.
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